November 30, 2011

Dear You

Dear You,

Yes, you. The one with the pretend smile and the sad eyes. I don't know what rests so heavy on your heart today, but He does. I cannot tell you how to fix it, I can't make it hurt less, or point out the right direction or decision for you to choose or make. There are no words to be conjured up in this silly brain of mine that can be of any comfort to you. These words, His words, though, are the only anchor that can hold your soul while the waves of this troublesome life crash around you. "...For Thou hast been my defence and refuge in the day of my trouble."

I recognize the dark clouds swarming over your head. The shadows in your eyes reflect times in my past and times yet in my future. I understand your confusion and your pain, but you know what is even more comforting than the understanding of a nobody like me? There is Another who understands pain, and better yet, He can take it away. All you have to do is lay that heavy weight at His feet and walk away with your hand in His.

Stay strong, keep the faith, never give up.

Love, Me.                                                                       


 It's hard to believe Christmas is around the corner, I do love to decorate! Home cannot come soon enough.

 A special thanks to Grace and also Emily for the super cute jewelry. Such a sweet surprise to find a little package holding a free necklace and bracelet in my mailbox just before Thanksgiving!

November 8, 2011


This month is simply going to fly by. As I scribbled down the date on my way to class, a friend and I mused over how quickly November is escaping us already. In light of that, this will most likely be the only post on this blog for the rest of the month. There is simply no time! With the semester winding down to a close and a break from school eagerly inching closer, I fear my drive for doing anything constructive is ebbing away. However, while I have a few quiet moments, these words need to be finished.

Floating around Facebook these days are status updates about being thankful. I suppose November would claim this precious virtue to itself simply because we celebrate our "thankfulness" with turkey, stuffing, and gluttony.

Thankfulness, I think, deserves more than the recognition it gets simply for being associated with cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. To me, it's like this quiet sort of, "Wow, God, you're really amazing and I am so dreadfully undeserving!"  A redeemed soul should be in such awe and gratitude every day, not merely after being reminded to be so! This ungrateful heart of mine is the most guilty of all in this matter. I tread day in and day out without once thinking of that splintered Cross and the sacrifice made there for my soul. Sure, I do devotions, talk to the ever-giving Saviour, and even speak of Him and what He's doing in my life to others. But gratitude for what He ultimately did for me doesn't claim nearly enough thought. For this, I can only plead forgiveness!

I would like to, though, list a few things that I am so thankful for. If for no one else but myself, to look back on as a reminder of all that my Lord has so graciously bestowed upon me and allowed me to enjoy.

1. My Saviour and my salvation! He's been so, so good.

2. A family who loves Him enough to love me right. Parents who raised me according to the Bible, a sister to make me laugh, a brother to teach me to think and find joy in the little things (like ants), and a baby brother to show me what it means to be a servant and to care about the details. I couldn't ask for more.

3. The best friends on earth. Friends who love the Lord and want to please Him above all else.

4. Patience. Even when I tangle myself in situations that could have been avoided, when I let hurt affect my testimony, when I end up being my silly human self, God and the aforementioned family and friends refuse give up on me! Thank you, thank you!

5. Christmas lights. Yes.

6. The changing of seasons. I love the sweetness of Spring, the cozy-warmth of Fall, the adventure and memories of Summer, and the restoring closeness that Winter brings. Each time these seasons pass, I feel a little more like a new person.

7. Jelly beans. Also, yes.

8. Mission trips. I can't imagine how self-absorbed my perspective might have been had the Lord not provided for me to go on three missions trips. I cannot wait to see where God leads and directs next and what He will continue to let soak into my heart through the places He's already allowed me to go.

9. A healthy body that can walk, talk, and function like it should.

10. Coffee, boots, shelter, a college to attend, the funds to attend it, hope,  house plants, music, a car that runs, food to eat, clean water to drink, teeth, opportunities, laughter, thrift stores, sunshine and cloudy days, books, the ability to learn, ants, pumpkin pie, and so much more!

These are just a few things that I jotted down. What are you thankful for? Please share!