February 27, 2013


In my first year of Bible College, a dear friend of mine was giving our “dorm devotions” and passed out to each girl a small slip of paper. It said something along the lines of: “I steadfastly refuse to gratify the devil by being discouraged.”

Lately that simpleprinciple has been floating around in my head and I am truly grateful for the reminder. While being a newlywed is amazing and I wouldn't trade the life God has given me for anything in this world, it also has been a new test of faith. The only option to defeat discouragement is trust. And trusting...it's kind of hard. Trusting God to provide, to sustain, and to give me the patience I need to deal with situations is a daily battle. Giving over to discouragement and worry only succeeds in giving the devil (and my flesh) the victory and rejecting the peace and blessing that comes from believing God.

Getting married is an adjustment. Moving 1700 miles away from all that is familiar is an even bigger adjustment. In the process of being adapted to these things, I frequently find myself frustrated. By being frustrated, I am trying to do these things in my own power and this powerless self can truly do nothing aside from Him. In turn, my frustration and discouragement is then only frustrating my husband and as you can imagine, it is nothing but disaster and tears...lots of tears.

But God is faithful! And every day I seek Him, He gives me a reason to praise Him all the more. Something as simple as a text from a friend, sunshine amidst the winter drear, or my husband discovering a place with cannoli not too far away are enough to brighten my spirits. Every good and perfect gift is from above and the breath in my lungs and the start of a new day are plenteous reason to proclaim “To God be the glory!”

After all, without Him, I can do nothing. Without His light, I have no light to shine. Without His grace, I have no reason to sing. He has blessed me tremendously and I cannot even being to thank Him enough. The Bible instructs to cast all our cares upon Him because He cares for us. If I hand him frustration, worry, and discouragement, He gives me back peace, comfort, and joy. The Saviour can do that for you too!

Perhaps today, we should be steadfast in refusing to gratify the devil by being discouraged. Instead, allow the peace of God that passeth all understanding to fulfill us completely.


The moon on our way to church last Sunday evening.

Just a couple of wedding pictures...because I can!