I am Beth Holland. I'm newly-married to my Russell who is not only an amazing guy but my complete best friend. We met in college, started dating two weeks before graduation, got engaged in August, and married December 8, 2012.  Recently I made the trek from being a city-slicker in the suburbs of D.C. to the gorgeous wide-open Wyoming. How's that for a change?

I love Jesus. I was once a sinner, lost and sin-stricken. Through His sacrifice, the everlasting crimson tide that flows from the cross of Calvary touched my life and I have never been the same. It is my hope and prayer that my life can shine brightly with His light. If you do not know Him, if He is not your Saviour, please talk to me about it.

My husband and I believe that the Lord has called us to serve as ambassadors for Him on the mission field. We will be starting deputation in the near future to be missionaries to the country of Norway. A survey trip is hopefully in the plans for the summer of 2014 and shortly after that we will begin part-time deputation.

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This blog has become a journal of sorts. A way to express the every days comings and goings of my simple but blessed life.

God has completely spoiled me. I never could thank Him enough for the amazing people He has placed in my life. Though many of my friends are far away, I know that I have been incredibly blessed to have them and the sweet memories we share.

My two "babies" keep me on my toes! Meet Cosby and Fern!

Favorite things? Jesus, Russell, Chick-Fil-A milkshakes, Dachshunds, walks, stars, Hershey kisses, Christmas lights, random cute objects, pocket rocks, comfy sweatshirts, hazelnut coffee, friends, travel, and pretty photos.

If you'd like to contact me, please email me at jarofsense@gmail.com!

- Beth


  1. I loved reading more about you and I can't wait to look through the rest of your blog! I had no idea you were so newly married!

  2. Clair, Thanks for finding me! Yeah! The Lord really just "threw" us together after college, we started dating in May 2012 and were married by December! :) But it has been SO SO good and we praise Him for how He has worked and is working in our lives. I miss seeing you two around church here in Wyoming! Hope Illinois is treating you well!