January 6, 2013

Adventures: Married!

Four weeks. I have been officially a “Mrs.” for one month. Saturday, December the eighth, this nervous girl walked down the aisle to become a married woman and I have loved every single second since then.

It truly has been an adventure already. After our honeymoon in a perfect little cottage on a lake, we trekked across five states over three days and twenty-four hours of driving in a borrowed truck hauling my entire life and car. Don't even ask about our search for a Starbucks in a congested little college town at rush hour. The important part was that my dear husband managed to maneuver our truck-trailer-car through streets far too narrow and full of traffic and no one died. We miraculously made it back to the highway with relief and without coffee. Oh, and Elk Horn, Iowa? The term “middle-of-nowhere” now holds the picture of a tiny town with a windmill, sketchy hotel, and lots and lots of nothing surrounding it.

It was my first Christmas and New Year's away from home. I do miss my family, friends, and the familiarity of the Eastern lifestyle. It's exciting, though, to wake up to blue Wyoming skies and the sun glittering on the mountain snow. Everything is sort of wild and rugged here and already I am increasingly fond of the mountains. Seeing bald eagles perched on fence posts, groups of buffalo and cattle on the hills, and being able to cuddle up inside a cozy apartment we can call our own are all just little pieces of my new life with my best friend.

Russell? Well, he is the finisher of every half-full drink around the house. I set my tea down intending to finish it later only to find it is his duty in life to make sure no drink goes to waste. He is tortuously ticklish (don't tell him I told you), never gives up on anything, and he is teaching me to like bologna. While he plans everything three steps ahead, he is still open to God's leading and taking little leaps of faith. Every single day I am learning something new about him and from him and every single day I thank the Lord for putting him in my life. Most days I cannot wrap my mind around how incredibly good God's plan is and how insanely blessed I am to have Russell.

It will doubtless take a lifetime and a half to discover all there is to know about my husband. It is amazing to think how much more there is to learn about God. Just when you think you know Him, His character exceeds expectation. He changes not, and yet, His thoughts and ways are unfathomable to the human mind. How precious a marriage relationship is when it is filtered through an on-going relationship with the Heavenly Father. It is constantly learning and growing. How grateful I am to have a God who molds me to Him.

Thank you to all my dear friends and family who have shared in my adventures and who read about this new chapter in my life. Your love and support have not gone unnoticed!