February 17, 2012

Draw Nigh

                                                                                                                                      {via pinterest}

Did you ever have a verse chase you around? You know, that one passage that every where you turn it seems to implant itself firmly in front of your face? In class, a professor asked about it, a preacher preached it, a friend pointed to the passage in group devotions, and lo and behold, a letter in the mail from a dear friend had this same verse handwritten in tiny letters at the very bottom of the card. That sealed it. This verse was chasing me. Needless to say, as I sat in the pew reading it, I'm sure my mouth was hanging open wide enough to make a scene. Okay, God, I get it.


Now, this verse is a common one. I've heard it no less than a hundred times, I'm certain! But the Lord has a funny way of bringing things back, reminding again, and teaching a brand new lesson from the familiar. How precious this promise is! How sweet the reminder that the moment we take a step closer to God, how eager He is to fill in the rest of the gap!

As I tumble head first towards graduating college, my heart continues to grow heavier and heavier for the mission field and yet I find myself without a set direction to go. Where's my next footstep going to be, Lord? Where should I go? What should I do? When, why, how, where? I'm torn between a myriad of decisions. I know what I want. But I want what God wants as well.

This leads to a tad bit of turmoil in my over-planning, controlling self. But then there's this beautiful little promise God keeps tossing in front of my distracted focus.

"Hey, Bethany, listen...just come close to Me. Draw nigh, and I'll be close to you. THIS is what I've called you to do first and foremost! The closer to me, those whispers you're waiting for? They will be all the more clear."

So, I read James 4:8 again and smile because this drawing nigh to Him? It kind of feels like coming home.