June 19, 2013

Love Through Lilacs


It has been ever so long since I sat down to write. I truly have no excuse other than a lack of motivation and the discipline to push myself. Somehow I don't think a forced post is worth reading anyhow.

Life has carried on with both monotony and enough change to keep me sane. Wyoming seems to skip right over spring and jump head-long into summer. Day light arrives before five in the morning and the night doesn't settle in until after nine. The summer breeze brings many many memories of summers spent with the people I love. People I miss tremendously. There are days my heart aches for the kindness in a cherished, familiar face and for true godly friendships near by. Next month, Russell and I will be making a journey back east (about 4000 miles round-trip) and I am thoroughly looking forward to it! We will be traveling twelve states and visiting with friends and family in Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Wyoming does have its comforts though. One of them being the massive lilac bushes on every single corner of this sleepy town. They remind of childhood, simple times, and the familiarity of home. I am ever so grateful to the Lord for the reminder that no matter how far a child of His journeys, if they are in His will, He will bring peace and joy that surpasses all understanding. Often times, He gives us reassurance of His love through the simplest things like lilacs. As for our trip east, already I prepare myself for the onslaught of questions like, “Why are you in Wyoming?”, “Don't you miss it here?” or “Are you planning on being out there for a while?”. My answer simply is (and I pray it always will be) that we are where God wants us to be and when He moves us, we will follow. I truly believe that this is God's way of preparing us for the solitude of the mission field. On a positive note, the mountains out here have a way of sneaking into the soul. I love walking out my front door and seeing pine-covered mountains on every side. Creation truly shows off God's creativity out here! If any one ever visits Wyoming or South Dakota, they should definitely come in the month of June.

My dear hubby gave in to my pleadings and in May we brought home the newest addition to our family – Cosby! He provides endless amusement and frustration but he wiggled into our hearts without any difficulty. The little monster tears through the house like he owns the place and despite that he tries to be obedient, he often lets his short attention span get the better of him. I truly do adore him and the excitement he brings.

June marks six months that Russ and I have been married. It truly still amazes me how the Lord worked in our lives to bring us together. His way is always perfect! There is no one in this world who knows and understands the inner workings of who I am better than the man God gave me and I am so grateful for him.

Please pray for us! We ask that the Lord would continue to give us the vision for the future He has called us to and that we would keep our focus on Him. Russell has been given several opportunities to serve in the church here, and I must admit, he is the best looking choir director I've ever seen, ha ha.

I leave with a verse that has been a comfort to me the past few weeks. Our Saviour says in John 16:33, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” Be of good cheer, my dear friends!